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Player Feedback & User Reviews of Spintastic

Spintastic has got a few people talking, which is great news. But the sad part is that these people don’t have the most wonderful things to say. Spintastic should take all the feedback as constructive criticism and try to work on those issues. For the sake of brevity, we have nitpicked three of the most pertinent points:

Terry Marshall
London, 2019-03-14

The online casino domain is not short of scepticism and suspicion – even the most established and reputable online casinos have been scrutinised time and again for their trustworthiness. Being a relatively new site, Spintastic would have a hard time taking casino users on-board, especially new users who usually choose to stick with the bigger and more reputed names. And the fact that there is not much talk online about Spintastic as an Internet casino service provider is only making it more difficult for the company to take garner new users’ attention.

Derrick Ethan
London, 2019-11-23

Spintastic, being a fairly recent entrant into the world of online casino, has only 150 games available on its platform. Though high-quality and not too little by any means, most online casino users – especially seasoned players who may have played it all – are likely to run out of options with such a small game pool on offer. Moreover, most of the games are slot games, which is not great news if you aren’t a slots guy. Spintastic is trying to add new games as quickly as possible, but there doesn’t seem to be the sense of urgency required.

Mark Brown
Birmingham, 2019-05-08

Customer support isn’t great, which is quite understandable since the casino has only recently started taking baby steps. But that still cannot be an excuse. If a company is launching a service, it better be equipped on all fronts. On the site, there is a chat option, and that is about it. Not all would be comfortable with chatting online, especially those who like to maintain an emailed account of the conversation they had with the customer representative. No email address or telephone number is mentioned on the site, by the way.

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Strengths of Spintastic

Spintastic offer both a no-deposit and a first deposit bonus, with more than a handful free spins added to the mix too.The casino offers a welcome bonus package, which is available without a deposit. For first deposit, the casino provides the particular user a 100% match bonus up to 500€, along with 180 free spins. There are 20 free spins on registration. Most casinos offer new users not more than £200 as a casino bonus bonus on their first deposit. And the best part about this bonus program is a user, who is eligible for a £500 deposit, receives the sum in his Spintastic account as a lump-sum deposit and not in parts. We believe the Spintastic bonus is a winner!

Other Strengths

The site is mobile-friendly, which means you can play games both on a desktop and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. Moreover, the site’s layout is great – not just on the aesthetic front but also functionality-wise.
Deposits can be made in multiple ways – including debit card (MasterCard and Visa), Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller, Paysafecard, and online bank transfer.
The money won using free spins can be withdrawn to your bank account. Unlike other casinos, there aren’t any wagering requirements on free spins.

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Weaknesses of Spintastic

Being a new site in a very competitive market will always be a challenge with any weaknesses being quickly identified, but saying that Spintastic is doing quite well.

Weaknesses in brief

Customer support is not the greatest. In fact, a lot of improvements could be done in that regard.
The casino site cannot be accessed from all parts of the world. For example, users from Asia cannot access the site. This restriction may apply to other countries and continents too. Just launch the site from your country and you should know whether your region is barred from accessing the site.

Reputability of Spintastic

Spintastic is a fairly new online casino platform. Therefore, it would be too early to talk anything about the company’s reputation or reliability. But the good news is that Spintastic looks promising and is not much different from most of the reputable online casinos out there. As far as licenses go, Spintastic has a gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Almost all reputed online casinos have an MGA certification. This perhaps should give you an idea about Spintastic’s reputability as an online casino platform.

Problems With Withdrawals At Spintastic – Possible Causes

Earnings made using the welcome bonus cannot be withdrawn into your bank account until you wager the bonus sum [bonus_db operator=”Spintastic casino” id=”31″ type=”turnover” other=””] times. Wagers less than 35 would mean the bonus amount would not be converted into cash. And in case a withdrawal is requested before completely wagering the bonus, the bonus balance sum would be cancelled automatically.

Also, the maximum money credit should be equal to the bonus sum. In case the balance is not more than the initial bonus sum, only the bonus balance sum would get credited. For example, if the bonus is £200, then the money credited to your bank account would be £100 if the bonus is converted at £100 balance. On the other hand, if the bonus conversion is at £250, the money credited to your account will be £200 since the maximum bonus is £200.

Though there are different ways you can withdraw money from your Spintastic account to your bank account, not all are meted out the same treatment. In other words, Click2Pay, Neteller, Yandex or MoneyBookers are considered unconventional withdrawal routes and there are fees attached to them, as a result. The fees are charged whenever a withdrawal is made to any of these payment partners. The actual fees charged could vary based on your account’s currency and/or your place of residence.

If the total withdrawal is more than £2,330, you would have to go through a procedure called ‘Know Your Client’. As per this procedure, Spintastic would request you to upload a picture of your debit card (both sides). There are quite a few other minor caveats to withdrawing funds from your Spintastic account. They are:

A withdrawal request should not be carried out when a gaming session is active.
Withdrawals of funds that have not been used to play any game would not be entertained by Spintastic.
Withdrawal processing fees can be modified anytime, without prior notice to the user. However, you would be notified of the same before you attempt a fresh withdrawal.
Funds can be withdrawn only to the payment tool you used to deposit funds. Alternative methods are possible if the payment service provider doesn’t accept payouts from an online casino.
In case the winnings are more than £50,000, you cannot withdraw the entire sum at one go. You would be able to withdraw the maximum of £50,000 in the first month, and increments of £25,000 (maximum) in the next month. For example, if you won £85,000, you can withdraw £50,000 in the first month, £25,000 in the second month, and £10,000 in the third month.
This staggered payment approach would be followed until the entire amount is paid.
If you put in a request to expedite the withdrawal, the online casino may ask you to produce documents verifying your identity.

Withdrawal without problems

Debit card up to 72 hours

Evaluation of Spintastic

Overall, Spintastic looks quite promising, despite all its shortcomings (which are not a lot). And it should not be much of a surprise if the casino tops the list of best online casino sites within a few years. The site is fairly new and the drawbacks are therefore understandable. But most aren’t deal-breakers or they do not interfere with the user’s gaming experience. Spintastic is aware it is stepping into quite a competitive industry and wooing new users could be a major challenge. However, the casino is playing smart by offering a first deposit bonus of up to 500€, which is high compared to first deposit bonuses offered by most other casinos. That said, Spintastic has to do a lot of work and must add more than a few titles to its kitty of games if it’s serious about keeping users interested in the site. The journey has just started for Spintastic and it would be interesting to see how things look like with the casino a few years down the line.



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20 Free spins Gratis with Registration and 100% up to 500€ Welcome bonus and additional 180 Free spins after the first Deposit

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Author: Ruben Evans