Big on Bets Casino Review

Big on Bets Casino Review

Player Feedback & User Reviews of Big On Bets Casino

Big on Bets has a fairly strong reputation online and there isn’t a lot of negative feedback floating about as of yet. This could be due to the newness of the casino. That said, the casino has still managed to irk a few people within its short period of existence. These individuals, by the way, are just short of being completely blown away by the casino. The following are the top three of the lot:

Ashley Barnes
Australia, 2019-11-04

My encounter with Big on Bets has only been recent. Considering the short time that I have got to experience the online casino and play the games, I am quite impressed already. The website is well-designed and is quite unlike the layout of the majority of other online casinos, which is a good thing in my book. I am happy with the collection of casino games too. The roster isn’t the most exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination, but I can foresee new games getting added to the mix in the near future.

Eric Chinaeke
Manchester, 2019-10-11

Hi! My name is Eric, and thanks for reading my review on Big on Bets. I usually don’t talk about or comment on a product or service online. If I like something, I keep my feelings to myself, and at times letting my friends and family of how I feel about a particular offering. When I am completely disappointed in a product, I switch myself off from the product and never get back to it. With Big on Bets, I am somewhere in between.
First, let me clear the air by saying I like the casino, its layout, and the variety of games on offer. However, I have one qualm which I believe should be talked about. Unlike other online casinos, Big on Bets doesn’t support multiple currencies. At the moment, it only supports euro and pound sterling. I know we can make payments in our own currency and the site would make the currency conversions on our behalf. But that also means we are left at the mercy of the fluctuating currency values. I also understand that Big on Bets is a fairly new casino and it may add support for new currencies moving forward. But I don’t think it should have been that hard to offer multi-currency support right off the bat.

Desmond Gadea
UK, 2019-09-26

I like Big on Bets already and I am happy to see new online casino sites cropping up every now and then. This means more competition between Internet casinos, invariably resulting in better options and service for consumers like me. I have played some of the classic slot games on the site – both on my laptop and mobile device – and the gameplay and rendition have been smooth all along. However, I don’t like the fact that external users or people who have not logged in to the site cannot view what the games on offer are. One must register with the site, log in and can only then view the list of games. Since the registration process could take a couple of minutes, not a lot of people may be keen to go through the hoop just to check what games are being offered. In other words, Big on Bets may lose quite a lot of potential users in the process.

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Strengths of Big On Bets

Right off the bat, you are greeted with a fairly unique looking, yet extremely user-friendly web layout. Most other online casinos look crowded, making it quite taxing to locate things on the site or navigate around. The golden accents on this site are a major plus too.

Despite being a newbie within the online casino industry, Big on Bets has managed to bring to its table almost every casino game one can imagine. The variety on offer is great. And the icing on the cake is the fairly massive Big on Bets welcome bonus. For your first deposit, you get a match bonus of 125%, up to £250. You don’t get free spins as a welcome bonus, by the way.

For any online casino (big or small, new or established), its customer support team is important. Big on Bets scores big in this aspect too. The quality of service is great, which can be reached by email, telephone, live chat and also fax. Needless to mention, the services are available round-the-clock.

Strengths Summarised

Generous welcome bonus
Exclusive no deposit bonus
A range of casino games
Strong licensing and regulation
Simple and user-friendly site layout
Good and professional customer service team

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Weaknesses of Big on Bets

Being a new casino gaming site, Big on Bets hasn’t stretched its arms wide enough yet. In other words, the site accepts only pound sterling and euro as serviceable currency. But to be fair to the website, multiple currency options would be offered in the days to come. On the flip side, Big on Bets makes up for this by offering a range of payment options, which includes MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Skrill and Neteller, to name a few.

The other drawback to Big on Bets is the ‘late mover disadvantage’. As mentioned quite a few times throughout this article, the online casino is new to the scene and has supposedly immersed itself in a sea of sharks. This may sound scary, but it’s not too bad. If Big on Bets realises it has its job cut out and puts in necessary efforts, it should definitely create a space for itself. That said, it would take some time and some serious doing.

Another drawback (though minor) is you cannot play the games without registering. Even if you want to play the games for free or just test the waters out, you would have to sign up for the site. This could be a deterrent for many people who may not be motivated enough to invest time and effort to create a user account.

Cons Summarised

Fairly new online casino competing against some of the biggest names in the industry
Limited currency support
Not a lot of developers onboard
User account reviews take time

Reputability of Big on Bets

Generally, it is not that easy to comment on the reputability of an online casino that opened doors recently in 2017. That said, Big on Bets has made huge strides within the short period of its existence and has gained the trust and confidence of thousands of casino players. The variety of casino games offered, the welcome and other bonuses, great customer support, etc. add to the repute and trustworthiness of this site. Not to mention, the management, in tandem with the customer support team, ensures fair gameplay and strict adherence to rules.

The online casino is a Continental Gaming Ltd. (Malta) offering. The company also manages the site and the site’s licensing is done by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gambling Authority. Also, the casino subscribes to providing a secure and safe gaming platform and a completely encrypted banking gateway. If you still have your questions about the site’s reputability, you can look up its reviews by independent websites. The fact that you can play games on the site unlimited number of times for no money talks volumes about how trustworthy and safe the online casino is. The end-objective of the site is for you to have fun. Making money is secondary, which tags along the fun part.

Problems With Withdrawals at Big on Bets – Possible Causes

The banking part of the online casino has been sorted out fairly well. However, there are a few minor annoyances when it comes to withdrawing money from the site. In other words, the process is a bit long-drawn and slightly complicated too. For instance, if you are making your first withdrawal, you would be subjected to a verification process, which seems truly redundant. Once an account has been verified at the time of registration, no further verification should be carried out thereafter. Though this is for the general benefit of players to ensure there is no abuse of the system, the regular and honest players would find this a bit annoying. By the way, the documents for verification would be also needed every time the cumulative withdrawal amounts to £2,300.

Also, there are withdrawal limitations, and these vary with tier levels. In other words, the longer you have been with Big on Bets, the easier it becomes to withdraw funds. Currently, the withdraw limit is £1,000 weekly. There are withdrawal limits to bonuses as well. Moreover, money won using bonus money can be withdrawn only if the player has deposited his own money into his user account at least once.

The withdrawals, unlike the deposits, aren’t instant. It would take at least 24 hours for your withdrawal requests to be processed, owing to the large number of withdrawal requests that the site sees on a fairly daily basis. Also, requests can be made only once a day and no withdrawal requests are entertained on Saturdays and Sundays. And then there are withdrawal fees as well. If you’re withdrawing money to your card or getting it done through wire transfer, a fee of £15 and £20 applies, respectively.

By the way, almost none of the aforementioned issues relating to withdrawals are unique to Big on Bets. The majority of other online casinos are also guilty of such restrictions and stipulations. So it would be unfair to single out Big on Bets and shoot it down. That said, being new to the online casino domain, Big on Bets would have definitely seen how the other online casinos have fared all these years and realised what their sore points are. Had Big on Bets paid more heed to that, it could have been a lot more player-friendly and stood out from the crowd.

Withdrawal without problems

Debit card up to 72 hours

Overview and Overall Evaluation of Big On Bets

By now, you probably know Big on Bets is a newcomer to the online casino scene. And that kind of shows in certain aspects of the way the casino functions. But, despite that, the casino, on the whole, offers a fairly good gaming experience. The drawbacks that the site currently suffers from are not major and aren’t beyond rectification. By the way, special mention must go to the customer support team for its competency and professionalism. Long story short, if you’re considering giving this casino a try, you may go ahead and do so. But if you choose to head elsewhere and try a more established casino, we may be a bit surprised but won’t judge you for that.

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Author: Ruben Evans