Queen Vegas Review – Strengths & Weaknesses Evaluated

Queen Vegas Review - Strengths & Weaknesses Evaluated

Player Feedback & User Reviews of Queen Vegas

Queen Vegas is a decent online casino, indeed, but people do not seem to have a unanimous opinion regarding the quality of its services. In fact, certain persons did not enjoy the experience at all. The following subsections are a short compilation of some of the negative feedbacks people had to give insofar as the platform is concerned.

Otto Herring
London, 2020-05-01

I am relatively new to the site and, until now, I haven’t encountered any particularly annoying issues. However, there is something I did not like about the platform: its layout. The colour is pretty dull and I am not a big fan of the cartoonish graphics.

Kody Andrews
Birmingham, 2019-11-23

Queen Vegas’ customer service leaves a lot to be desired. First of all, the live chat is one of the slowest I have encountered. They take a long time to answer and when they do, it is not in the most polite way. To boot, the answer themselves are not really useful and they differ from one person to another. This is annoying when I try to solve the issues I encounter on the site.

Joshua McGuire
Manchester, 2020-02-08

The withdrawal times indicated on the site are not necessarily true. More often than not, cashing out takes much longer than what is stated. I have been waiting for a small amount of money for almost three days now, but this should have been much faster.

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Strengths of Queen Vegas

As it has been seen in the previous section, some people did not like a few aspects of the site. However, this is always the case, even for the most reputable online casinos, as people have different expectations. Nonetheless, Queen Vegas has also got many features right and those contribute to providing a better experience to its members. The next section will go into detail about these.

Summary of Strengths

The site contains a wide variety of games – at the moment, there are almost 250 games on the platform and they belong to a plethora of genres.
The sign-up bonus of Queen Vegas – It might not be that much, but 1 Mega Spin for each £1 you deposit, up to 100 is arguably better than nothing.
The Daily Picks is one of the most attractive features of the site. These allow members to enjoy new rewards every day. They can range from deposit bonuses to double up offers.
The platform comprises of a VIP scheme and the latter seems to offer some quite attractive rewards to members who manage to attain that level.
The site accepts a variety of payment methods – These include e-wallets such as Skrill and PayPal as well as Visa and MasterCard debit cards.

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Weaknesses of Queen Vegas

Even though the team behind Queen Vegas has managed to do a great job in some areas, there are a number of features they certainly cannot be proud of. This is really unfortunate as these issues outshine the bright side of the platform in many ways. Below, are some of the problems that can ruin one’s experience in the online casino.

Summary of Weaknesses

The customer support fails to deliver – They take a long time to respond, whether it is via e-mail, telephone or the live chat feature, and the answers feel incomplete most of the time.
Long withdrawal time – The platform states that the process usually takes anywhere between 1 and 2 hours, but firsthand experience tells another story(one should not expect it to take less than 3 days)
The games contain a lot of bugs and glitches – Queen Vegas seems to have opted for quantity rather than quality as the games occasionally display some unintended behaviours that can lead to a loss of money in some cases.
Deposits are not free – It actually costs money to make a deposit on Queen Vegas as the platform charges a fee of 3.5%.

Reputability of Queen Vegas

The first thing to note about Queen Vegas is that the casino is a company that has been registered in Malta. It is actually a subsidiary of Skill on Net Ltd, the online casino software distributor to whom we owe Eucasino as well as Vegas Winner Casino. Over the years, the firm has developed a significant portfolio of customers which includes well-known platforms such as BGRoom.

Although Skill on Net Ltd is registered in Malta, it has not obtained its license to operate from the country itself. As a matter of fact, the corporation is licensed by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain.

Problems With Withdrawals At Queen Vegas – Possible Causes

As aforementioned, withdrawals at Queen Vegas can be a quite frustrating process. This is mainly due to the fact that it takes a lot of time; a lot more than it should. But what can be the possible reasons behind the issue?

The most common reason for why online casinos withdrawal times vary is because of the payment methods. In reality, gambling platforms take more or less the same time to process the various requests on their end, regardless of the way in which the money will be transferred. However, companies on the receiving end, such as PayPal, Skrill or whatever bank, also have to process the incoming money. This is because they have to assess the source of income in addition to complying with laws, rules and regulations.

Such a situation may also arise because the company does not have a sufficient number of employees to cope with all the requests in time. It seems to be the case the case with Queen Vegas as its workers have informed to unhappy members that payments had been delayed because the company was understaffed in that department. People might not realise it, but there is a tremendous workload on the accounting departments of casinos. If for example, a casino has 20000 members that win and cash out at least once on a daily basis, this represents a massive 100000 requests to process in five business days only. The figure has been clearly understated as online casinos sometimes even have millions of members.

Withdrawal without problems

Debit card up to 72 hours

Evaluation of Queen Vegas

Queen Vegas is a platform that might seem very attractive at first sight. First and foremost, it has a Welcome Bonus, which is usually a good enough reason for newcomers to join such a site. Furthermore, the site does a good job at keeping one’s information private as 9it uses the same technology like card companies to encrypt data. Add to that a wide array of games of all sorts and one should normally have all the right ingredients for a good online casino.

However, things are a bit different in practice. In the gambling industry, the tiniest details can have surprising repercussions on the user experience. For example, the withdrawal time is one of the most important criteria for punters. It does not matter how many games a platform has; if the punter has to wait a long time, he will not be happy. Another service that illustrates the importance of details in that sector is the customer support. Every gambler must experience a problem at some time or another in an online casino. The problem itself might not be a real ordeal, though, as long as the platform deals with it in an appropriate and timely manner.

Unfortunately, Queen Vegas did not address any of the aforementioned issues, among others. The customer service is mediocre and the withdrawal process takes a lot of time. Such details might not appear significant individually, but when they add up, they can become really overwhelming for a member. The site itself is not that bad, but unless they fix those issues, the casino will not be worth recommending.

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Author: Ruben Evans