Sun Casino Review – Strengths & Weaknesses Evaluated

Sun Casino Review - Strengths & Weaknesses Evaluated

Player Feedback & User Reviews of Sun Casino

Sun Casino is one of the newest online casino platforms as it was launched in 2016. As such, it is still in its early stages of development although it still delivers flawless functionality. The platform is always making upgrades and improvements, but users have currently lodged several complaints. Here is an insight into  recent feedback from three Sun Casino users.

Jerry Averill
London, 2020-05-28

Sun Casino has worked out perfectly for me. I especially love the generous bonuses, but I have to admit it is quite tedious to claim my returns from the money I make from the Sun Casino deposit bonus. The platform requires me to play at least 35 times before I can withdraw the money I have won thus far, and I fear that I may run out of luck eventually. Nevertheless, the generous bonus is highly appreciated, and I rather enjoy the experience; I reckon it is free anyways.

Elvira Patsy
Birmingham, 2019-11-28

I have always had a knack for casinos, but it has never been so amusing until recently when I discovered Sun Casino. In fact, I spend most of my time online playing blackjack just for fun or for some money when I am feeling lucky. However, I hate the fact that I cannot access my account when travelling outside the UK; my job requires me to regularly travel throughout Europe. I understand that Sun Casino is exclusive to UK players only, but I wish registered users like me could access their accounts regardless of where they are.

Josh Clinch
Newcastle, 2020-02-07

I have always played an excellent hand when it comes to casino games, and given a chance, I would spend most of my time giving other players a run for this money. However, Sun Casino does not support live casino streaming via my phone and iPad, which I think is inconvenient for me and many other pros like me. The only time I can play live casino on Sun Casino is from my PC, and I hardly use it during the day except when I am off work. I hope that the company will look into this issue soon as we cannot wait.

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Strengths of Sun Casino

Besides its ties to The Sun, Sun Casino stands apart from the competition for its overall convenience. Players looking for the ideal experience love this platform for several factors ranging from its very appearance to the numerous goodies it offers. Here is an overview of some of the strengths of Sun Casino:

Summary of Strengths

Ease of use – Sun Casino has a neat user interface that makes it conveniently easy to use and navigate. The mobile applications are well laid out. Users can access virtually everything from the banners at the top of the screen or via the search bar. Additionally, the games are categorised according to their niches and new users get to enjoy multiple trials to harness their skills.
Diversity – Sun Casino provides over 100 slot and table games. These games are easily accessible from the banner, and users can search for specific games through the search bar. As such, there is something for everyone no matter how unique your tastes and preferences may be. Additionally, all the games are designed using the latest software, so users get to enjoy flawless graphics and HD streaming for live casino.
Affordable gaming – Indulging in a casino game does not have to be an expensive affair as most people assume. In fact, you can play it just for fun on Sun Casino. If, however, you are up for putting your skills and luck to the test, then you do not have to spend much either as the minimum deposit is just £10. This, coupled with the bonuses of £10 for signing up and 100% bonuses on deposits, makes it conveniently affordable to run your account on Sun Casino.
Legally Registered – The popularity of online casinos has seen an influx of bogus online gambling websites just seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting players. Sun Casino, however, is fully licensed and registered in the UK and Ireland. To this end, users are guaranteed of important factors such as safety and reliability as the platform is operated according to the set regulations. This, consequently, has instilled confidence in users who may be concerned about breaking the law or falling victim to exploitive platforms.
Dedicated customer care – Sun Casino has a dedicated customer care department that is always available 24/7. The customer care department is reachable both via phone and online right from your account’s user interface. The customer care agents are friendly and informative, and they are well equipped to help with any problem ranging from simple problems such as playing guidelines to more complex problems such as delays with withdrawals.

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Weaknesses of Sun Casino

Sun Casino is relatively new to the industry as it was launched only last year. To this end, the platform may do with some improvements for an even smoother playing experience. Some of the weaknesses of Sun Casino include:

Summary of Weaknesses

Limited availability – Sun Casino is available only for players in the UK and Ireland. This poses a limitation not only for interested players from other countries but also UK users travelling abroad. To this end, users cannot access their accounts when travelling outside Ireland and the UK.
Withdrawal delays – Unlike deposits which are instant, withdrawals may take anywhere between one day and three days to finalise. This comes as an inconvenience for those in urgent need of their money. Additionally, withdrawals may be delayed and complicated by limitations associated with bonuses; players have to play at least 25 rounds before getting access to money won using the welcome deposit bonus.
Live casino accessibility – As mentioned, Sun Casino offers its players live casino streaming in HD quality. However, live casino is available only on PC as the mobile website and applications are not yet equipped to support it. Considering that more people prefer using mobile devices to PCs and laptops, this poses a limitation to most users.

Reputability of Sun Casino

Nowadays, there is a virtual version for almost everything. Casino has never been as popular in history as when game developers took it online. Consequently, there are numerous online casino playing platforms, and all promise the best. However, reputable online casinos are countable as most of them are fraudulent and downright pitiable. Sun Bets, however, is the real deal.

Sun Bets, the parent platform for Sun Casino, is a product of The Sun, one of the most popular newspapers and tabloids in the UK and even internationally. The Sun partnered with Tabcorp Holdings Ltd and Playtech to give UK residents the best sports betting and online casino playing platform. Tabcorp is licensed and registered both in Australia and the UK, so it is in compliance with the country’s laws.

Tabcorp is a highly reputable company itself as it ranks among the largest publicly listed gambling companies in Australia. Playtech, on the other hand, is one of the leading game developers in the UK and the largest publicly listed gaming software developer in the world; it is valued at over £500 million on the London Stock Exchange. It prides itself in developing new and innovating gaming software for a wide variety of gaming niches.

Sun Bets is licensed to operate in the UK and Ireland, and it is guided by a strict set of policies and guidelines. To this end, users are assured of privacy, quality services, and security for their money. Besides this, the high reputation of its parent company—The Sun—gives credibility to the platform and promises even greater developments in the future.

Problems With Withdrawals At Sun Casino – Possible Causes

Sun Casino has two channels for making deposits and withdrawals: Visa and MasterCard. Deposits are instant, but withdrawals may take anywhere from one to three days to finalise. However, some users have reported experiencing delays and setbacks when making withdrawals for several reasons.

One of the reasons why users experience setbacks when making withdrawals is limitations associated with bonuses. Casino players are eligible for [bonus_db operator=”Sun Casino casino” id=”43756398″ type=”percentage” other=””]% bonus on their first deposit amounting to £[bonus_db operator=”Sun Casino casino” id=”43756398″ type=”amount/gbp” other=””]. However, a player has to play at least 35 times to withdraw money won from the deposit. However, most people do not realise this and tend to make withdrawals immediately after their first win.

Withdrawals may also be hampered by problems with the user’s Visa or MasterCard. For instance, users may provide incorrect information or try to transact using expired cards. In other cases, the problem lies with the user’s impatience; as mentioned, withdrawals can take up to three days to finalise, so it is advisable to be patient for at least that long; the best thing to do is to check your account periodically and contact the customer care department if the money is not sent within the recommended waiting period.

Complications with withdrawals are not common, and the customer care department is diligent in resolving such issues. To be on the safe side, however, provide accurate billing details and understand the terms and conditions to avoid confusion.

Withdrawal without problems

Debit card up to 72 hours

Evaluation of Sun Casino

Sun Casino is already poised to revolutionise the online casino industry in Ireland and the UK. It is a part of Sun Bets, which is a creation of the leading UK tabloid The Sun. It is fully licensed to operate in the UK and Ireland, and it works in conjunction with some of the best gaming software developers in the world to offer the best experience.

Sun Casino offers over 100 titles of casino games in diverse categories, including live casino which is streamed in HD and involves live dealers. New users get to enjoy multiple free trials and bonuses. By working with Playtech, the platform offers some of the most advanced slot and casino games on the web; the graphics are flawless and functionality is so accurate it almost feels real.

Deposits are instant and may be as low as £10, and withdrawals are guaranteed as long as you meet the threshold. What’s more, making deposits and withdrawals is easy as the platform allows both Visa and MasterCard.

Sun Casino is easy to use thanks to its neat interface, and t is available for both Android and iOS devices in addition to PCs and mobile browsers. Overall, Sun Casino is a trustworthy and almost-flawless online casino platform ideal for beginners and pros alike.



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Author: Ruben Evans